The strengthening of meaningful online relationships…

The article entitled “Why the Future of Social Media Is In The Palm Of Your Hand”, takes a look into the ideas that come together to form the relationships of social media. It talks about the ideas of sharing and how that our innate want or need to share with each other drives us to continue to engage in social networking.
It goes on to explain the increase in people utilizing social media on their smartphones and it takes a look at the effects that has on “real time” sharing. I think we are really redefining our culture by this practice. Previously, we had news entities and journalistic entities that were basically in charge of delivering the news as it breaks to the public. Nowadays, we are seeing a blending of traditional journalism with those of the blogging world. If breaking news happens right next to me right now, I could record it with my Galaxy SIII, post it on youtube, and break the news to the world first.
This is a new phenomena and it is proving to be more and more attractive to individuals that use social media. It’s a race, and a fast one. The faster an interesting story is posted, the more hits it gets. The more hits, the more traffic to the site. The more traffic to the site the more valuable ad space is on the site. This idea of real time is truly giving journalism, (who depend on advertisers for 80% of their revenue) a run for its money.
This article also defends the idea that people can have stronger relationships with software and programs such as gmail chat, skype and facetime. I know personally, that I gmail video chat with my best friend Greg, who lives in Germany for the last ten years. And we video chat at least 4 times a week. It’s like we are really hanging out side by side. We even share a netflix account, and can literally watch the same show at the same time together on two different areas of the continent. Geographic space no longer creates the barrier to strengthening a social relationship.
The ultimate idea is to enrich relationships and to continue to aim for usability, convenience, and stronger and more meaningful social media relationships. If people are depending on social media to connect, then it is of upmost importance that those connections remain significant and beneficial to both parties. Without them, it is like a friend of a friend you see maybe once every two months because you know the same people, yet nothing ever substantial develops between you two. The same idea can be applied to social media and we are seeing that it is quite possible to engage in meaningful relationships when we use it.

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