A Professional Blogger Visits Our Class

We had the recent opportunity to have a guest speaker come into class who is making a living blogging.  It was interesting to see how this profession works from the inside and it was beneficial to get to run some ideas past him on the ways in which blogging works.  I did find it interesting about how one can make money in this profession.  For one, he works for a celebrity blogging site called Pop on the Pop.  It is a website that is dedicated to bringing celebrity gossip to the reader. 

    I did find it interesting certain practices that he mentioned on how they find the gossip.  Because their “foot soldiers” (people on the street that are capturing the stories), were a small number, and this particular site could not compete with larger forces such as TMZ, he sometimes found himself taking news and articles from other sites to be “first on the scene”.  As I am studying the effects of blogging on the journalistic world in my other classes I found this to be particularly interesting.  Blogging is completely informal, and, as a result, bloggers often use each other’s material as long as they cite it at the end of their passage on the blog.  You can click the link at the bottom and it will take you to the original posting. 

     He did also mentiont one of the major downsides of this practice.  The legal aspect of using material, or expanding on material that may be untrue and defaming to a celebrity.  In his conract, he did mention that he was immune to legal action against him.  I found this to be peculiar and wondered who was responsble, if internet laws have caught up to such practices or if these defamation law suits are successful against reposted material. 

    He did also mention writing in what you feel might be what people are searching after a particular event becomes public.  Putting the right tags on your blog to direct the traffic to your site.  He particularly mentioned Whitney Houston and the type of material that was being posted after her death.  By estimating what people will search for, you an hope to bring your blog to the forefront of searchable content.

      Another way to aid in the prominence of your blog is ad sites, such as google and yahoo.  By associating yourself wth certain ad sites, they make your material more searchable and more prominent on the internet.

    Blogging, with millions of blogs out there, is becoming a profession of the “now”, the quickest, and the best “spin” on something that has happpened.  This is a way for bloggers to develop a reader base.  It is primarily opinion based, and, the more people that agree with your perspective, (or disagree), the more traffic you will lead to your site.  People can comment on your blogs to express discontentment or agreement and often these comments help to add popularity to the article you have posted as well.

  I am going to look into blogging as a freelancer and I currently taking a look at working a few jobs here and there to develop content for users on Elance.  Elance looks to be a great starting point for people that want to get into blogging.  It allows you to search for users that are hiring for content creators.  They pay you for each job a set fee, then as you do more and more content writing, your rating, and eventually your pay, increases. 

    All in all, I want to look into the idea of making a little extra money doing this and I found the lecture to be helpful in regards to starting up.   




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