A blog post about hyperlinking blogs?

As a senior communications major at SUNY Buffalo State College I have expanded my knowledge of communication theory, mass communication, news writing and other related topics.

One sector of communications I left for my senior year:  Social Media.  From everything I have read on the topic, I realized it was constantly changing and that I would most benefit from taking a class in it, if it were fresh in my mind as I graduate.

Our first assignment was to read a blog about hyperlinking and then to blog about the hyperlinking process.  To put it simply, hyperlinking is the area of social media that allows you to expand your knowledge within a story.  This idea is to paint a better picture for the reader in regards to the content that is being described.  For instance, if you are reading a blog about dogs, the blogger might hyperlink the Westminster Kennel Club website, as I just did, to familiarize the reader with more details regarding certain breeds of dogs.

This type of accessible material is something unique to internet and to social media.  It is a valuable tool to expand the knowledge of the reader in the hopes to further their understanding of the material being blogged about.  It can also be used to reference a previous article that may be mentioned in the blog.

Categories allow for content of the blog to be grouped and easily identifiable in certain internet engine searches.   By adding categories, the blogger can help to immediately inform the readers what the blog is about.  I think of it as a headline of sorts.  The area that grabs attention and allows the viewer to decide to continue to read.

These categories allow topics to be organized, across the internet and allow for the reader to localize their search on a certain idea or topic.

Social media websites including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin utilize this hyperlinking tool to expand their networks, connect people and ideas and to build communication bridges that would be otherwise unrelated.  The linkedin hyperlink above is my linkedin profile.  This valuable tool draws immediate attention to the main parts of each blogger’s story.


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